David Beckham wearing Tuxedo from M2M
January 2017

Looking for a wardrobe makeover with suits? Check out M2M’s collection!

The fashion industry has evolved a lot over the years. Even individuals who used to wear casual wears are now looking for something royal and industrious. So after all that has been said and done, only possible solution has become the suits. Previously suits were…
David Beckham in Bespoke Suit
January 2017

How to reclaim your individual style with M2M’s bespoke tailoring?

You are not part of the mass. You are unique and vibrant in your own skin. That means wearing any suit that’s premade would not add any value to your personal style and unique tastes and preferences. What should you do to reclaim your individual…
December 2016

How to mesmerize your corporate look with a modern man’s suit?

There are only two kinds of men. First of these men are those who take care of themselves and who groom themselves always to show the world their best version, always. And second of these men are those who don’t bother to groom themselves, don’t…
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