Celebrating the Craft of Bespoke Tailoring for Men Since 2009, Bespoke Tailoring for Men in Dubai - M2M
Handcrafted bespoke men tailoring in Dubai - M2M


Made2Measure has become a niche boutique for bespoke suits. Kamlesh Ramchandani, founder and chairman of M2M, has been associated with the suit-making industry for more than 25 years. Consequently, his dream of making a mark in the suit-making industry has become a reality.

It takes a highly skilled craftsman to create a bespoke suit that is the
embodiment of an individual and feels like a “second skin” on the body of the wearer. With two generations of experience in this art, M2M provides distinguished customers in Dubai with the finest hand-crafted suits of life-long quality with a stamp of individuality.


Our bespoke Corporate Wear represents sophisticated...
A bespoke Formal Wear from M2M communicates your judgment...
Our Semi Casual clothes are designed for More Life. We use...
The call of a tuxedo frightens many due to the classics who...
Enjoy your personal comfort zone with Playful Elegance...
Exquisite pieces that marry age-old weave, with modern fits...


Thank you for the best experience ever. It is always nice to know that you can completely rely on a professional team, and get a maximum out of every deal. It looks amazing.

Nathan Dowley

Excellent quality for a reasonable price is the key to your successful business. Definitely the best product so far. I appreciate your efficient assistance, thank you a lot.

Martin Lee

Well done! My suit looks even better than I expected. This fabric and the design are really premium. Impeccable look is highly important these days, on occasion or not.

William Jones