The lapel contains a thin layer of cotton enforced with horse hair which we refer to as canvas. By applying thousands of little stitches to this canvas it is molded into a round form which is then sewn to the inside of the lapel. The effect is a nice and rounded lapel which keeps its form, instead of a sharp edge. If you look closely you can see the stiches on the backside of the lapel.


A jacket doesn’t get its shape by itself, it needs something on the inside to give it a nice curved shape, a sort of structure. When you open the jacket you’ll see that we do this by using old Italian craftsmanship, using a thin layer of cotton enforced with horse and camelhair.

The hairs have form-memory and are weaved into the cotton in specific ways, depending on whether it’s the front or the shoulder of the suit. Because the canvas is not fused to the outer fabrics like most suits, it leaves the original high quality of the fabric intact. The beauty of this is, because it is so very thin layered, that you get very thin seams. This looks nicer, but also gives you more comfort. The canvas conforms to your body’s shape, allowing a perfect fit, and the jacket won’t deform or sag.

Bespoke Tailor Dubai


M2M has provided bespoke tailoring experiences for men in Dubai for 14 years. Kamlesh Ramchandani has been a part of the tailoring tradition for decades. He set up M2M in 2009, and since then, his mission has been immutable and straightforward: to Deliver Superlative Bespoke Garments of Unique Value characterised by balance, proportion and finesse. He is the 2nd generation of master tailors in Dubai.

Our Bespoke suits include Formal Suit for men, Tuxedos, Casual wear, Semi Casual wear, Ethnic wear. Our bespoke suits are cut and patterned according to your unique body shape. Handcrafted from the best European fabrics, they enhance your individual form and physique. The perfect drape draws attention and admiration from everyone.

Bespoke tailoring starts with taking the exact measurement of the client and understanding the personal preferences, choosing the perfect fabric and colours, selecting the collar style, the styling of the lapels, pockets etc.

Great attention is paid to every detail to produce the dream outfit. The fabric is basted ( stitched together) rather than glued, which is the norm in mass production or high street approach to suit creation.

The basted Suit is then available for a trial fitting, enabling adjustments or alterations for the perfect finish. The bespoke Suit is then pressed and delivered. So if you as a discerning gentleman who values comfort, style, and quality, you deserve a tailored suit from M2M today!

M2M proudly makes all its bespoke Suits, Tuxedos, Casual Wear, Semi Casual, Formal attire for men, Ethnic wear, including wedding Sherwani for the groom, and bespoke shirts and trousers etc. in Dubai.