A Quick Guide to Formal Suiting

Undoubtedly we know how to dress up ourself, but this quick guide by M2M will make sure your clothes actually fit you properly. Let’s begin with :

KISS ( keep it simple silly )

When it comes to formal suits for men too many people get carried away.  And the images of a tie pin, collar bar, pocket square, braces, pocket watch and a cigar hanging out of every pocket do the flashes. At M2M, our expert men’s tailors in Dubai share that it’s the suit alone which makes your personality. It will take less time for you to get ready, present you in more natural way. Even for a wedding get up, you may ditch the pocket square and go for a plain knitted tie with a shirt. Isn’t  it Simple. Our efficient men’s tailors in Dubai are at your service if you want to go for a formal custom made tailored suit

Stay humble and down to Earth

Well ! Our men’s tailors in Dubai  convey that Navy and Grey are the most popular shades when it comes to formal suits for men. Earthy colours of deep greens and browns are  equally flattering for most skin tones. 

Comfort is the priority

When we say this, apparently, in the category of formal suits for men, we are referring to get a custom made tailored suit from M2M wherein you may go for built up roped shoulders, heaving chest canvassing and the sleeves tailored to a length that you can see your hands.  

Smart Not Slim

A smart fit wins over slim fit when it comes to smart attire. Slim fit may be too tight and contouring  and why unnecessary wear it for the sake of mainstream clothing and as formal suits for men.

Try Trainers

Are you pondering whether trainers can be worn with a suit. Our style expert men’s tailors in Dubai who have been guiding folks while designing formal suits for men says Yes ! You may. The idea is to wear a suit which is made from a casual fabric and get the hem of your trousers tailored wits no break.