Suit Construction

No two people are alike including their physique and posture. While ready–to-wear clothes are a standard size and fit, made-to-measure garments take this a step further by modifying standard sized patterns.

However, Bespoke suits trace the contours of your body creating an accurate fit for each person. This is only possible by taking detailed body measurements and then cutting an individual pattern.

With an amassed wealth of experience adapting styles with universal appeal to the unique taste of the individual, we ensure you exude your style and personality. In addition to the shape and fit, you can select fine detailing.

Hand Pleated Shoulder Split Yoke
Not only beautiful aesthetically, these shoulder and back details allow for more comfortable movement.

Extra fine stitching 9 stitching per cm.Hand stitched button holes

Removable Collar
Along with a fully-sewn (non-fused) collar, our shirts feature removable collar stays. Toss them in to make your dress shirt collar points look
crisp for the weekdays. Remove them for a more casual, soft look.

All our suit up shirts feature mother of pearl buttons and a signature crow’s foot stitch to ensure they survive more than a few washes, presses or dry cleanings.

Hand-stitched Side Seam Gusset
An age-old haberdashery technique and a mark of quality, this was done originally to protect the seams from tearing.

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