Achieving a Perfectly Tailored Indo Western Dress with M2M

Indo western dresses are a great amalgamation of western style and Indian patterns, retaining the best elements of both worlds and this fusion gives you a feeling of both, the regal traditional wear and modern sleek western touch. The Indo western tailors expertly incorporate trendy western silhouettes, often making use of traditional Indian fabrics, patterns and embroidery. The Indo western tailors create a beautiful traditional look while retaining a contemporary twist.  These dresses can be worn into a number of different looks. Pair them up with gorgeous Indian hand-painted footwear for a glamorous effect, or find the perfect floral print handbag to go with a muted ladies Indo western outfit. Men can match up their Indo western dresses with an appropriate scarf or embroidered shoes. With the tailors in Dubai, M2M you can explore an array of designs in creative cuts and styles, including customised Indo western outfits that are made to fit and bespoke as per personal choices. Taking cues from the clients, our expert Indo western tailors utilise their knowledge and art and deliver the expected. The Indo western tailors at M2M, the best of tailors in Dubai add a panache and verve to the outfits. The base material used by the Indo western tailors is generally brocade, velvet, linen, cotton, satin or silk depending on the customised choice of the client.

Being the finest tailors in Dubai, we bring new fusion fashion to you and aim to produce the latest Indo western designs which are in tune with the current fad. We understand that ‘ensemble’ is the word of the season, the Indo western tailors at M2M thereby makes the use of exquisite material with vibrant colours and intricate handiwork highlighting the exclusivity of the garments. Precisely crafted to add glamour to any festive occasion, these outfits cast a long lasting charm. Even with marriage on cards, the bride and the groom wish to wear a glittering attire matching the gleam of the sun and a chastity that can put the moon to shame. More than the look and the fabric you are going to adorn, it is the tailoring and the design that you should focus on.

The Indo western tailors will create a fusion of trousers, breeches and waist coat. Let the tailors in Dubai choose the right look for you. From black to beige, Indo Western men’s wedding attires can blend in any colour with pristine beauty. Modern fashion trends are actually entertaining dual toned attires. Our acme of tailors in Dubai suggest to avoid bright colours if your base colour is light and recommend small layers and contrasting line to add to the beauty of the attire .