Best Suiting Tips for Men

It isn’t merely about donning a suit. There’s so much that goes into wearing one. It’s all about a glove-like fit and attention to detail. Paying attention to details makes one look smart, refined and confident. It consumes time and dozens of measurements are taken. Hand making is cited as a benchmark of best suit. The hand made suits in Dubai are one of its kind. When you select any cloth, decide on even minute details such as buttons and every aspect from cut to fabric, pocket type to position.

Don’t get bogged down by the rules- if there’s one thing that guarantees instant attention, that of the good kind, everywhere you go, it’s your own suit. In fact The finer details of hand made suits in Dubai express very clear tonal details on closer inspections.

Everyone wants a suit that fits well, improves overall appearance and you just don’t look passable. We all have the tendency to gain weight and keep fluctuating a few inches here and there. However hard we try, we all need alterations as the simplest alteration makes a huge difference in appearance. The suit alterations in Dubai are easy to go with. All you have to do is to tell your personal preferences and needs to the tailor about your desired want and style.

Here are some tips on how to wear a suit for that debonaire look. Embrace them and come with flying colours:

1. The last button should always be open
The last button of your suit is purely for aesthetic purposes. You don’t need to bother with it. Keep it open. Even the waistcoat should finish at the belt. It’s also a good way to flatten out your stomach.

2. Don’t shrug off those shoulders
Did you know shoulders are the hardest area to tailor on a suit? Choose a suit that fits your shoulders best when shopping off the rack. If going for a hand made suit in Dubai,

Your tailor can easily take in the waist and adjust for length, so shoulders should be your primary concern when suit shopping.

3. Pocket square
A light coloured, well ironed pocket square is advised If you’re wearing a dark suit. You may ask your tailor to customise one pocket square along with a hand made suit in Dubai.

4. Did you spot that ?
Never pair a sports watch with your suit.

5. Shoe cite your persona
Shoes should always complement the colour of your suit