Looking for a wardrobe makeover with suits? Check out M2M’s collection!

The fashion industry has evolved a lot over the years. Even individuals who used to wear casual wears are now looking for something royal and industrious. So after all that has been said and done, only possible solution has become the suits.

Previously suits were used for specific occasions. But now, suits are used for every occasion, whether it is a wedding or a corporate event or a birthday bash. If you are not very fluent with the idea of suits and want to have your wardrobe full of them for several occasions, you are at the right place.

First, let’s talk about the best collection of suits in M2M wardrobe. And then we would talk about the colours of suits you should have in your wardrobe for different events. By the way, do you know M2M is the number one suit makers in UAE? They have the most incredible collections of suits and they have brought forth the old fashioned, most traditional bespoke suits for every individual. They have the best tailors and the best people who have been nurturing their customers for years.

So if you want to build your wardrobe with suits, there is no wonder why you should start with M2M.

Wardrobe makeover with suits

If you have an experience in suits, you would know that suits give you a classy look if you can choose a suit that’s the appropriate option for the occasion.
Even if you want to have a lot of suits (which we encourage as well), there are four types of suits you would always need for every occasion.

All of these four types of suits you would get from M2M and from their nicest collections. Let’s have a look at the four types of suits you should have for every occasion.

  • Corporate wear: You would already know that a corporate suit is the most imperative of all suits because you may have a meeting or two with a client almost regularly. And you want to impact your client with your individual style and dress sense. Clients will perceive of you as per the clothes you wear. So you can understand how important it is to have a corporate suit so that you can impress your client in an instant. What should you choose as a corporate suit? Choose M2M’s timeless three piece suit which will always stand out in any corporate occasion.
  • Formal wear: The next on the list is formal wear. You need to think about any occasion that would be closer to your heart – a wedding, a prom night or any formal occasion. You should choose a suit for this occasion. The real nature of suit would come out when you would wear them in formal events and become the most attractive gent around. Moreover, this tuxedo is classic in nature and adds a royal look to your magnificent presence on your big day or in any other formal event.
  • Casual Suits: This one you would like the most because being casual is the latest fashion now. Individuals who have jobs are so busy these days that they have little or no time to think about fashion. But that can’t be the excuse for not looking good in day to day corporate life. So the ideal way to make fashion your ally, especially when you are busy is to choose casual suits for your everyday life. For casual suits M2M will offer you the option to mention your specifications because M2M understands how important it is for you to have individual style. You can use this casual suit for parties, for in-house meetings or maybe just for a presentation. You can also use the casual suit for other purposes like going for a tour or for a seminar or at any event where you need to look modern as well as stylish.
  • Indo Western: Even if you have many years of experience of wearing suits, we promise that this type of suit you won’t be having. This suit is specifically designed for men’s wedding. You know it’s a big day for you. You may have used corporate suits or modern wear for your friend’s wedding or special occasions, but when it comes down to your wedding, you need to go beyond the status quo altogether. This indo western suit is designed in The Nehru style and would make you the centre of attraction once you wear it.
    So these are the four suits you should have in your wardrobe and all of these you would be able to find in M2M’s most lucrative collections. You can have more than one in each of category if you think that you need them for different occasions.

About colours

There are many colours of suits you can purchase. But there are the most lucrative ones that should be in your wardrobe first.

  • Corporate wear: For modern wear the best colour is navy blue with window checks. You can also choose other colours like grey, black or brown depending on the situation and occasion.
  • Formal wear: The best colour for formal wear is silver grey. And you can also choose soft colours like cream or light purple for best impact.
  • Casual suits: You can wear white casual suits or black. These two colours would suit you best as they would be used for casual occasions and at the same time wouldn’t sacrifice your individual style.
  • Indo Western: Flaunting can’t be better in any other suit than this. The best colours are purple, pinkish white and off black.

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and grab these suits right away at M2M. They have all types of suits you need to adorn your wardrobe and different colours for enhancing individual style.