Get The Best Three Piece suits tailoring in Dubai with M2M

A debonaire man’s idiosyncrasy, an ultimate way to create a lasting impression, an ingenious statement for all, hence bringing out a sum up of comfort, style and character together in a three piece suit. What exactly is a three piece suit? In layman’s terms it’s a suit, trousers and waistcoat – three pieces. A three piece suit is hence a fashionista’s classic choice. What’s your plan to wear this festive season?  With Christmas parties already in full swing, work drinks and New Year’s celebrations and more, you must be feeling the urge to buy a three piece suit. With M2M, feel free to let your personality shine. A little inspiration works wonders indeed. For a perfect fit in tailored suit in Dubai, M2M is the best place to be. Every man aspires towards a single goal that is to look good and this becomes achievable at M2M as it depends on nailing the perfect fit. An effortless sharp and sleek suit fit makes you feel suave and confident. We help you select your suit styles and we ensure it fits perfectly and you can move around in it with ease. We assure that the shoulders, the shirt and the trouser are cool and razor sharp in your perfect fitting of your tailored suit in Dubai done exclusively by us for you at M2M .Its imperative for us to deliver a well fitted shirt too. Though you don’t get to see too much of a shirt once the suit is buttoned. We ascertain, the top button fasted on the suit looks fitted and not tight. Hence a breathable and right neck size shirt is a mandate. We give paramount importance to the way the suit fits across the shoulders at the same time affirming the perfect hem length of the trousers.

Here you are with M2M words of wisdom on how to wear a three piece suit

  • The last button on your waistcoat should be left undone.
  • Your waistcoat should always cover your trouser belt line, but never go too far below it.
  • Don’t pair a three piece suit with a belt.
  • Don’t let your shirt cuffs cover your hands.
  • Your shoe must match the tone of the suit.

The tailored suit in Dubai by M2M are eclectic and bring out the hidden charm by discovering a new you. A must have, our impeccable quality three piece suits are sure to make heads turn. So chase your goals of becoming the best with M2M. Wear them to a wedding with subtle patterning or at work keeping things simple by matching a suit and waistcoat and sticking to classics. On the whole, they are the great opportunity to dress up, so wear them with panache.