Handmade Suits: A Wardrobe Necessity for Every Man

A gentleman doesn’t follow trends. He invests in higher quality craftsmanship and material that forms the backbone of his wardrobe. We, at M2M are known for our commitment to quality and attention to the smallest detail, our handmade suits represent the pinnacle of tailored suits for men. Our handmade suits offer the very best in bespoke tailoring. Taking cues from Savile Row, we employ the use of a paper pattern and hand-cut each item one at a time, while incorporating the use of modern design and finishing while crafting tailored suits in Dubai. We can say that the modern man’s wardrobe has evolved. The hand-finishing details masterfully executed by our tailors while they design the tailored suits for men. Our handmade suits are known to be the best you have ever worn. Handmade suits is hence amongst absolute suiting necessities any successful man has in his wardrobe. Our talented tailors at M2M, stand apart for stitching tailored suits in Dubai.

We aim to fit into the specific client needs as we have an affinity for combining perfect fit with exquisite details giving a fine piece of tailored suit for men. At M2M, Our stitched pieces speak for itself like a graceful statement. All stitched at our haute couture boutique with constant involvement of our fashion designers. The tailored suits for men are created by experienced hands that combine finesse with trends. Our team always constantly research for the latest textile trends, looks for the finesse in design. They create a unique pattern based on your measurements and chalk it directly upon the fabric of your choice. The bespoke services are tailored for the dippers who loves to embrace the latest fad. For the handmade suits, which are the exclusive tailored suits in Dubai.

The canvas is a layer between the suit fabric and the lining that gives the jacket its shape. All our quality canvas is made from the finest material. You may test your suit jacket for this feature of excellence, pinch the fabric slightly at the front. If the canvas is hand stitched, you will feel an extra layer loose on the inside. If not, this means the suit fabric has been fused with glue. One more feature exhibited by our tailored suits in Dubai is that the suit jacket shoulders gently hug and encase yours, creating the perfect structure. To achieve this, our handmade suits feature a small top shoulder canvas where pads are manually attached.