3 piece suits are the most royal outfits you would ever find. Why? Because without any complexity they deliver exceptional result! That’s the reason 3 piece suits have become the most fashionable outfits of individuals at any occasion or event.

So, let’s see how 3 piece suits can showcase your style.

6 ways to make a style statement with your 3 piece suits
If you want to elevate your game, here’s what you should do. You need to visit M2M and buy yourself a nice, elegant looking 3 piece suit. Why? Because 3 piece suits will give you lot of options to try and create an impression of somebody who sets the benchmark for the best. And when you are among the crowd, you must make yourself the centre of attraction.
So, here are the 6 ways you can use 3 piece suits to make your individual style statement.

  • Being fully suited: Whenever you are in a party or in a wedding reception, you must look good. And if it’s a corporate event, there is no way you can be casual with your fashion. Research proves that what you wear creates huge impression on the way you behave. So to behave like a world-class celebrity, you need to wear 3 piece suits all along. You can wear the vest, the trouser and the jacket. Now you can wear all 3 pieces in two different ways. First, you can wear the vest and trouser and a tie and wear the jacket open. This is the best option when you are walking around a lot in the party. One special tip is to keep the last button of your vest open to show some swagger and style. Second, you can wear the vest, tie and trouser and this time you can button up the jacket and showcase your individual preference.
  • Without the jacket: Your 3 piece suits give you a lot of options. One of those is to wear the vest, trouser and tie without wearing the jacket. This is a cool option if you want to add a tinge of casual look to your suit-styling. But before you try this, keep one thing in mind. If you vest is not properly tailored, it would not give you the exact fit that you want by any means. Thus, it’s better to go the best tailors in Dubai. You can simply give your measurements and buy the most fitted, enchanting 3 piece suits ever.
  • Without the vest: If you buy 3 piece suits from M2M, it will give you multiple choices to manufacture style. One of the most adorable styles you can do with your 3 piece suits is to wear the suit without the vest. Here’s how it works. Remove the vest from the 3 piece suits. Wear the trouser, the tie and the jacket. In case you just want to buy a 2 piece suit from M2M, their collection will enchant you. M2M have multiple suit options with proper fitting style and of magnificent colours.
  • Casual looking style: Many offices or corporate cultures adore casual looks with cool styles. 3 piece suits make the spectrum of your choices wider. You can simply remove the vest, the tie and wear the trouser and the jacket with a formal shirt. This will lighten your heavy, corporate look and would give you a casual, cool individual style. And if you are looking for the right coloured suit and properly fitted vest then you must go to M2M for many adorable options. Talk about craft, tailoring, design or style, they are unparalleled.
  • Casual with vest: There is nothing as enchanting as wearing something properly tailored. If you are going to tailor it from M2M, the best tailoring experts in Dubai, then you are going to receive a treat. The piece would be world class and whoever would look at you wearing the vest, they would surely complement you for your choice. Here’s the deal. If you choose to buy 3 piece suits for yourself, you can wear simply the vest with a formal shirt without wearing a tie. The best thing to do is to roll up your sleeves so that you can tell the world how you are kicking it in a casual corporate look.
  • Wear all three: Now this is the best option because you don’t need any other accessories to complement your 3 piece suits. Wear the trouser, the vest and the jacket. And that’s it. This time, you are not wearing the tie. But make sure that you wear a formal shirt that can sync with the whole style. If you don’t have any idea about the colour of the formal shirt, our recommendation is an off-white or white coloured formal shirt.

So now you know why 3 piece suits should be your go-to option for showcasing your individual style and enchanting the crowd with versatility. But not all 3 piece suits would give you the smart look you are seeking. All you need to do is to go to M2M and order tailor made suits that would be made exactly the way you want. From fittings to the choices of fabrics; from colour to the budget, everything would be as per your specifications. And then you can use your 3 piece suits wherever you want whether it’s a party, a wedding, a celebration, a corporate event or day to day corporate life. If you don’t have 3 piece suits yet, connect with M2M right away.