Stand out in an M2M Bespoke Suit!

There’s no match to the impression a custom-made suit can make.  Wondering why? Well for starters, it’s not mass-produced for an average body type. Yes, that Men’s formal suit that you may have picked off the rack is made on a most-likely body size. However, the chances of your size exactly matching that of the suits are fairly bleak. So while you may feel that you have been lucky to find a suit at an amazing deal, there will be those ill-fit shoulder cuts or an ugly crease on your pants that will keep reminding you that it was never made for you in the first place.  A bespoke suit from M2M, on the other hand, is made after taking 20 different body measurements. Therefore you walk out with a suit where the cuts fall just at the right places and fit you like a second skin.

At M2M, fabrics are also selected carefully. So when a suit is mass-produced, some companies cut costs by sourcing cheaper fabrics to offer formal suits for men at attractive prices. But at M2M we only source the best quality material to make suits that may cost slightly higher but definitely last you a lifetime. And well like they always say- a well-fitted suit never goes out of style. Customized clothing is never dependent on the seasonal fashion trends, but reflect your individual sense of style and personality far longer than ready-made clothing.

With the resurgence of interest in personalization, why should we choose to buy ready-made Men’s Designer Suits that are made for everyone alike? At M2M you are not forced to fit into any pre-determined categories of fit, style or color. Instead, we painstakingly help you find the right color, measure your exact fit and recommend the best style based on your body type. Once the design is final, your suits are meticulously handcrafted and detailed by our skilled craftsmen. What comes out is a suit that is cut to your personal dimensions and is a reflection of your own personal style.

M2M also offers its clients a wide array of fabrics, styles, and trims. It allows you to personalize your look based on your budget and occasion.  A personal stylist is assigned to you as soon as you enter an M2M store and it is his responsibility to design you a suit exactly as per your tastes and requirements. So if you’re looking for a suit you can wear to the office, or something that you would need for a formal or casual event, M2M helps you design a suit that will make you stand out like none other.

Making a Made 2 Measure suit takes time-but it’s definitely worth waiting for. It’s true, you can’t order a bespoke 3 piece suit this afternoon and walk out with it tomorrow. But when you wear a bespoke M2M Designer Suit we guarantee, you’ll never want to wear anything less.