Welcome to Made 2 Measure (M2M) – Dubai’s Finest Bespoke Men’s Tailors.

Welcome to Made 2 Measure (M2M)–Dubai’s finest bespoke men’s tailors.

Owning a bespoke custom-made suit has become the new symbol of luxury and a pinnacle of fashion. At M2M stores, we create beautifully tailored ensembles that are handcrafted to fit one and one size only. With over twenty-five years of experience in the suit-making industry, MrKamleshRamchandanifounded M2M in 2009 to cater to those distinguished customers who chose exclusivity in their ensembles, over made-to-fit-for-all designer labels.

Since its inception, the M2M boutique has prospered into becoming the most anticipated bespoke men’s suits tailors in Dubai. M2M has introduced a welcoming wave of change in tailoring in Dubai by delivering higher standards of quality and style.

At M2M, we lay a lot of importance in finer detailing and thus create an ensemble that is nothing less than a masterpiece. Designing a suit that embodies your individuality is an indulgent experience that begins with selecting the right fabric. At our stores, we offer our clients a wide array of fine-quality fabrics that are procured only from the world’s best sources. After the fabric has been selected, we take twenty different body measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Our stylists then draft individual designs based on the client’s preference. With over hundreds of designs to choose from in lapels, cuffs, cuts etc, our stylists recommend elements that would best suit the client’s personality and also fit the occasion.

The design and the fabric are then passed on to our highly-skilled craftsmen who are personally supervised by the stylist themselves. Every suit takes several hours, or even days for the perfect cutting and stitching as per the desired pattern.

Once cut, each and every piece is carefully sewn together. This process demands the maximum attention and skill of our craftsmen, as thousands of intricate stitches are hand-sewn one after the other forming a perfect pattern. The fabric at this stage is placed on a floating hair canvas, which helps give the jacket its perfect shape and structure.

Finally, at the finishing stage, the suit is lined with fine viscose fabric, button holes are sewn with silk threads and real-horn buttons are fitted. Finally, the suit is ironed and packed carefully; ready to be delivered. As a result, what is finally delivered to the client is an exemplar of the personal and elaborate attention, superlative craftsmanship, and marvelous detailing.

The intricacy of our craftsmanship paired with the focused time invested in each piece makes M2M suits Dubai’s finest handcrafted suits that adorn individuality and guarantee life-long quality. Hence, it is no surprise why once an M2M customer always comes back to us with new orders.

If you too wish to own an M2M suit, walk into any of our stores at Jumeirah 3 or Bay Avenue-Business Bay, Dubai and allow our stylist to guide you.