3 Piece Suits : 5 Tips to Help you do it Right

Let’s begin with defining a 3 piece suit. A suit, trouser and a waistcoat comprises of a  3 piece suit. It is a classic and inevitable part of formal suits for men which are available in an enormous, stylish, eye catching range for any occasion. A waistcoat undoubtedly creates an additional layer of elegance charisma being a highly versatile garment that can be used to smarten a suit or dress up a casual outfit. Here are few styles and specification attributes for a 3 piece suit which are best fitted as per the given types:

Skinny fit

  • High armholes
  • Slimmest through the chest and shoulders
  • Extra-slim trousers
  • Narrowest leg

Slim fit

  • High armholes
  • Slim through the chest and shoulders
  • Slim trousers
  • Narrow leg

Modern fit

  • Higher armholes
  • Trim through the chest and shoulders
  • Fitted trousers
  • Slightly tapered leg

Classic fit

  •  Deep armholes
  • Wider through the chest and shoulders
  • Roomier trousers
  • Straight leg


M2M hereby shares few tips for nailing a 3 piece suit :

Leave the waistcoat’s bottom button undone 

Being a dapper was never as easy as this. The undone button is the significant sartorial etiquette today. It helps otherwise as well by preventing wrinkling, bulging and stress to the button.

Your waistcoat should be long enough to cover the trouser belt line

Your shirt peeping between the waistcoat’s base and your belt line may be a spoiler to your style. At the same time it shouldn’t look too long. For a 3 piece suit ,your trousers should be fitted fairly high around your natural waist and doesn’t have to reach down too low in order to avoid the look of an overly long torso.

Don’t wear a belt

Why to unnecessarily wear a belt and cause unattractive bulging in a 3 piece suit if your trouser and waistcoat are fitted correctly. You may wear your 3 piece suit with suspenders to give it a look which suits them as formal suit for men.

When to Wear a 3 Piece Suit

Its for sure that you are not going to wear a 3 piece suit everyday. However it should not be tagged in the category of formal suits for men. Depending upon your physique you maintain whether slim fit or a bold colourful design, you make keep things more relaxed and a lot less structured.

Mix n Match your 3 piece suit

Its difficult to mix n match different parts of a 3 piece suit although but a mix and match tip is replacing the waistcoat altogether and  slipping in knits.