How to reclaim your individual style with M2M’s bespoke tailoring?

You are not part of the mass. You are unique and vibrant in your own skin. That means wearing any suit that’s premade would not add any value to your personal style and unique tastes and preferences.
What should you do to reclaim your individual style then?
Introducing M2M’s bespoke tailoring. If you haven’t heard about bespoke tailoring, here is a brief overview of what bespoke tailoring means.

Bespoke tailoring in its truest sense
As individualism is a philosophy which represents a person; bespoke tailoring is also a philosophy behind personal brand.
But as with excessive use, everything loses their truest meaning, bespoke tailoring has also lost some of its magnificence over time. And with M2M, you can reclaim its magnificence and add an incredible bespoke suit to your personal style.

Bespoke tailoring creates a new pattern for individual wearer. While designing the suit using bespoke tailoring, the base pattern isn’t changed. Because if the base pattern is changed, the tailor may miss some of the smaller details of the wearer’s body! And only measurements are not enough to achieve this sort of tailoring. The tailor needs to check the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back and so on and so forth.

And bespoke tailoring needs multiple fittings. It’s not like ready-made suit which doesn’t concern with individual style or particular fittings. In case of bespoke fitting, there are usually three types of fitting that are taken into account. First there is skeleton baste fitting. Once that is done, your tailor needs to go for forward fitting. And lastly there is fin bar fin fitting. These all are done at different stages of tailoring.
Bespoke tailoring will also allow you to choose from varied selections of fabric. Here you can choose from a library, full of fabric that matches your unique style.

And if you talk about customization, you would be able to get any sort of customization in bespoke tailoring irrespective of the complexities of making the right ones for you. Here what separates a bespoke suit from a ready-made one! In ready-made one, you won’t be able to choose any fabric or style or if you feel to change one part of the suit, it won’t be possible. Whereas, bespoke suit will allow you to go to the maximum extent and co-create a magnificent suit with your tailor.

Why choose M2M as your tailoring partner in bespoke tailoring?
One short answer is because M2M is the best.
And the long answer needs a little more explanation. Here’s why M2M could be your best tailoring partner in making the most appropriate bespoke suit.

  • M2M stands out in excellence: Not every tailor is equipped enough to create the perfect bespoke suit for you. The tailor needs expertise to be able to produce something impeccable. M2M has years of experience in creating bespoke suits that satisfy every customer who has decided to create one or several with the company. Moreover, the tailors of M2M are craftsmen who have unparalleled expertise and detailed knowledge in creating bespoke suits that would suit your personal style.
  • OATD (Obsessive Attention to Details): If you want a great quality of bespoke suit, obsessive attention to details is given. However, this is not something every tailor pays heed to. In M2M, the customers need to meet the tailors and mention their specifications. And then we take 20 different body measurements to create the perfect fit bespoke suit for you. M2M understands that every customer is unique so as to create the perfect style statement for each of its customers.
  • Customization: M2M’s prime motto is going beyond customer expectation. And with each bespoke suit M2M goes beyond satisfying customers. Have you ever seen any company that would allow customers to choose from 1000+ samples to conclude on the right fabric for their bespoke suit? M2M does. In tailoring industry, this sort of customization is rare and only the company who provides world-class tailoring can do that.
  • Not overnight success, but world class effort for each customer: Bespoke suit can’t be made quickly. It needs time and effort and a lot of expertise. Each bespoke suit takes hours and hours of effort, sometimes, several days of continuous improvement on the suits as tailors need to go through different stages of tailoring to achieve the level of excellence. Each and every bespoke suit takes thousands of stitches by hands. Then the suits are trimmed with the fabric linings and real horn buttons. Moreover, each of our clients comes back to us with a new bespoke suit every time they think of another one.
  • Last, but not the least, passion: At M2M, we are passionate about the craft of tailoring. By serving each and every customer, we hone our craft and reach our mission. We are a team of passionate individuals who know what customers need and how to wow them. We believe that quality speaks for itself and thus with our expertise and skill-sets, we are always able to create incredible suits day after day for each and every customer that visits us.
    Why wait? Gone are the days when ready-made suits could be mentioned as a style statement. Everybody who believes in individual style is now tending toward bespoke tailoring once again. And when you have an opportunity to co-create the exact bespoke suit you are dreaming to have, why wait? Reclaim your individual style with M2M’s bespoke tailoring. Now.