How to be honored in any event with M2M’s designer suits for men?

Why would you want to be a man of honor at the first stage? Because you want to attract more clients or maybe you want to be the next big thing to a woman’s life. No matter what your purpose of being the best man in an event is, we will get you covered and would hand you a guide which you can use whenever you would like to wear designer suits.

And at the end of the how-to-guide, we will have our recommendation so that you can buy the best designer suits and can take the center stage from the starting of any event.

Let’s get started.

A how-to-guide about choosing the best designer suits

First of all, you will not find the old trodden ideas about suits here. They are old and as the time passes, we need something fresh and original.

  • Think about your individual style: If you would like to choose designer suits that don’t need to be like someone else’s suits. Find out what suits you best and find out what your individual style is. For example, maybe you like being casual most of the time. Now, by peer pressure you choose something formal; first of all, you won’t enjoy wearing it and secondly, it would not make you confident. What would be the solution then? Choose a designer suit that goes according to your individual style – no more, no less. If casual designer suit is your thing, go out and grab one.
  • Don’t go by cost, go by fitment: In usual parties, people are most fascinated about how much their designer suits cost than how confident and comfortable they feel in that particular suit. Why? Because wearing a designer suit in itself is a pride. We agree that wearing a designer suit is a thing of pride but that doesn’t mean that a designer suit is only about the cost. Rather it’s not at all about cost;and it is mostly about fitment. For example, if you go to M2M, you would be measured from all angles – your shoulder, chest, back, hands, neck, sleeve and more. Why do you think it is important? Because without the right fitment, your designer suit wouldn’t feel comfortable. So go for right fitment and not the cost. That will save you a lot of discomfort at any event and a lot of heart ache too.
  • Don’t buy ready-made designer suits: People wear designer suits because they look stunning, right? Wrong. That’s the mistake many individuals make when they choose a ready-made designer suit over a tailor-made one. What’s the difference? In one word – durability. If the designer suit you wear is just for a night, would you be able to suffice it with the cost? And why would you buy something so costly which will wear out just after one dry cleaning? Be wise and go to M2M and get your tailor-made designer suit done. Yes, it would be a bit costly. Yes, it would take a little more time to make as it would be made by hands. But it would last for a longer period of time. And whenever you would wear it, you will feel good.
  • Find out what type of designer suit you need: There are many options when you go to M2M and get a tailor-made designer suit stitched. But what type of designer suit you would need? Usually there are four options you have –
  • Skinny fit: If you are tall and slim, this will suit you best. Because the waistline of this designer suit would be narrow and it would fit you just right.
  • Slim fit: This is for those guys who are not slim but physically very fit. This type of designer suit will create a slimmer silhouette with a slimmer waistline.
  • Tailored fit: This is the type of suit that you must have in your wardrobe. Because this is perfect for every occasion. And this type of designer suit is suitable for all body type – ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.
  • Classic fit: Now-a-days very few people wear classic fit. It can be wearable in every occasion especially when you would like to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Buttons and fabric: After checking out all of the above, it’s time to pay heed to minute details. They seem insignificant but matter a lot in the long run. Choose your buttons well for the designer suits. There are basically two options available for you. First, you can choose two buttoned suits which are the most popular these days. It will give you a slimmer look. Second, you can go for three buttoned suits which will give you a classic look whenever you would wear them. In regards to fabric, you must choose the fabric before the tailor finalizes your designer suits. As designer suits are usually worn for special events, choose 100% wool or mohair fabric. They are durable, appear luxurious and make you feel comfortable.

Recommendation for best designer suits
At M2M, you would be able to get the best designer suits you would ever find. You don’t even need to follow the above steps. Simply go over to M2M, ask one of the tailors that you need a designer suit. He will guide you and help you make the best purchase. If any event is in the corner and you are looking for something classy, don’t wait. Go to M2M store right away and present yourself with one or two best-fit designer suits. You would certainly be the man of honor in any event by wearing those designer suits.