Why is M2M among the top most Prom Dresses tailors in Dubai?

Tailoring is a craft and now in the age of business, tailoring is considered as one of most adored skills. So how would you recognize whether the tailor has the expertise for Prom Dresses or not? Here is how.

How to recognize a tailor who has world-class expertise?

On the surface, all the tailors look almost same. However, there are few characteristics, which will set them apart. Here are those for you, which will help you recognize a world-class tailor from an ordinary one.

  • How they make you feel: A tailor is a serviceman, delivering service every time he receives a customer. When a world-class tailor would measure for making you a suit or some other attires, he will make you feel incredible as if you have come to a seven-star restaurant for a wedding invitation and you are being received by the host as if you are the “guest of honor” for the evening. Look for that special feeling when choosing your tailor.


  • How they measure: There is a proverb in management, which says – “what gets measured gets improved”. This is true in tailoring as well. If the tailor measures your every body parts and knows how to measure, the clothes he will make would be of exact fit without any room for wiggling. A great tailor will take measurements of neck, chest, shoulder, sleeve, back, waist, wrist and even of minute areas like front chest, armpit etc. In addition, the whole experience would be so delightful that you would want to come back to the tailor again and again.


  • How they pay heed even to minor stuff: Great artists are great detailers. They pay heed to things that most miss out on. Great tailors are same. They are artisans of incredible ability and they have astounding concentration even toward the minor things. A line of sewing here and there does not matter much. However, if you ask a great painter what a line can do to their painting, they would say – a lot more than the crowd can perceive. It will take off their magnificence from the painting (at least according to them). This is similar for great tailors. They look for perfection and you would not see any extra lining in your clothes.


  • How they would take the time to create stuff: Great things do not happen overnight. You need to wait for the great stuff to happen. Moreover, great tailors put in a lot of effort to make your suit incredible and thus, they will not do any half-hearted work. They would create a suit you would be able to wear at any event with pride and swag.


  • How would they value you as a customer? No matter how big or small you are as a customer, great tailors will treat you with honor and with the respect as if you are a million dollar deal. They will not judge you through how much you would buy from them. Rather they would make you feel incredible in front of them and you would love to feel that way again and again.

Where would you find great tailors? You would agree they are not easy to find. Nevertheless, you will find them at M2M.

Why should M2M be your number one destination if you are looking for a tailored Prom Dresses?

Look no further. Because you will not find the blend of quality, price and value anywhere else in Dubai. If your prime purpose is a tailor-made suit, then M2M is the most adorable place you would ever find. Here’s why –

  • M2M’s tailors are the best: If you have never experienced how world-class tailors treat you, come to M2M once and have a first-hand experience. You would be treated like a king and while giving measurements you would feel why didn’t you find M2M beforehand? Moreover, once you receive your tailor-made suit, you would have a set of incredible attire that you can wear at any special occasion whenever you want.


  • M2M will customize suits exactly the way you want: Very rarely, you would find customization. Even if few tailors get ready for customization, they won’t do like you want. At M2M, you would have the opportunity to speak your mind and customize your suit, as you want. If there are constraints like budget or fabric, you would know and the tailors would explain why you need to pay more the sort of customization you want.


  • Transparent and authentic shopping experience: At M2M, you would know the value of transparency and authenticity. Because we adhere to quality and specific standards of procedures (SOP) and for every customer, we maintain the same benchmark and same SOPs. Thus, every customer feels special and gets served well. Our mission is to help you look at your best and we do all we can to ensure that.


  • Experience speaks for itself: We have years of experience in bespoke tailoring. We know every nook and corner of bespoke tailoring, as a painter knows where to use which color. Thus as artisans our incredible ability to understand and stitch bespoke suits help us stand out.

If you are looking for the best tailors in Dubai, M2M is best in all aspects. From customization to measurement, from service to price tag, from fitment to looks. Everything would be at par and you will not have any reason not to bring your friends to the store. If you want best tailoring experience, come to M2M right away; we are waiting to offer you the best service.