The  M2M Collection- A sartorial Guide to Men’s Formal Suits

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak- Rachel Zoe. Be it designer suits for men or formal suits for men , every man is obligated to own at least one set of formal clothing in his lifetime. Though there is no set formula to dressing well, but following a few simple rules and tips can make you a debonair. If you are wearing a dark blue suit, paired with a patterned tie, it perfectly complements your lively persona. You appear no less than a dapper in a blue checked blazer and a pair of boxy dark shades. Certainly , the team at M2M Dubai, helps cast you an impression with a classic well-tailored ensemble of their collection of formal suits for men. Their bespoke designer suits for men mould your personality and brings in versatility .

M2M- At your service

It’s inevitable to be in sync with two compatible elements – style and suits for men. Having the right ensemble for work is of the utmost importance as your look determines the way people will respond to you. The three piece formal suits for men in opulent colours makes a powerful and confident statement. For a well dressed man, a party is a gala time for some pomp and show.

With our perfect collection formal suits for men or tuxedo jackets and pants, one lives a lifetime . Trousers are one of the essential elements of any outfit. They serve as the anchor to your entire outfit. Getting the fit and style of your trousers right has a huge effect on your look. While shopping for trousers make sure that they fit you perfectly, the colour of the pants complements your skin and mostly that the style of the pants matches your age and body shape. Dress Trousers come in two popular styles: pleated and flat front.

Men with large thick thighs should opt for one or two pleats as they provide more room and are more comfortable while sitting but if you have a slim frame then stay away from pleated pants as they make your torso seem bulky. These trousers are a good choice for office wear as it is both comfortable and fashionable. Slimmer individuals should opt for these types of trousers. Pay a visit today or call M2M for an appointment and satisfy your whims and fancies for designer and formal suits for men.