Latest Trends in Corporate Wear for Men

In the dynamic world of business, first impressions matter. Your appearance plays a crucial role in how others perceive you, and the right attire can significantly elevate your professional image. In the realm of men’s bespoke fashion, staying abreast of the latest trends in corporate wear is essential for making a lasting impact. Let’s explore […]

Beyond the Tux: Modern Trends in Wedding Suits for Men in Dubai

Dubai, with its opulent skyline and luxurious ambience, has become a global wedding destination, setting new standards for elegance and grandeur. As the city continues to evolve, so do the fashion choices for grooms looking to make a statement on their special day. Here are some of the modern trends in wedding suits for men […]

Ethnic Wear for Men: Exploring Rich Cultural Threads in Modern Fashion

In the kaleidoscope of global fashion, ethnic wear for men has emerged as a vibrant and captivating trend, weaving together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Beyond mere clothing, ethnic wear serves as a powerful expression of cultural identity, connecting individuals to their heritage and roots. The Resurgence of Tradition Ethnic wear for men has witnessed […]

Why every man should invest in bespoke clothing

In the world of fashion, there is a growing…

Bespoke Tailoring for those who take Fun seriously

Today’s Younger generation are used to cutting edge technologies and…

Suit Construction

No two people are alike including their physique and posture. While ready–to-wear clothes are a standard…

The Comfort of Wardrobe Services

At M2M, we believe in providing an extraordinary Bespoke experience, even if it means going the extra mile.

Best Suiting Tips for Men

It isn’t merely about donning a suit. There’s so much that goes into wearing one. It’s all about a glove-like fit and attention to detail. Paying attention to details makes one look smart, refined and confident. It consumes time and dozens of measurements are taken. Hand making is cited as a benchmark of best suit. […]

A Quick Guide to Formal Suiting

Undoubtedly we know how to dress up ourself, but this quick guide by M2M will make sure your clothes actually fit you properly. Let’s begin with : KISS ( keep it simple silly ) When it comes to formal suits for men too many people get carried away.  And the images of a tie pin, […]

Find The Appropriate Wedding Suits Tailor in Dubai

Wedding is the day to flaunt the flamboyance and flourish. Whatever you choose must reinforce the right mood you are trying to create. A typical pattern, shape or insignia that conveys your style works great be it monogram, family crest, toile pattern or any icons on your dress. Our wedding suits tailors are incredibly efficient […]